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About Us

Hi, my name is Joshua K and I was born in South Korea.

By 2011 I established JoshuaKphoto specializing in wedding, and fashion photography. 

Photography is not just capturing how you look, but more importantly it is capturing who you are. 

I focus on highlighting your true emotions in photos.

Direction of the light

Timing of the light

Understanding of subject & location

Those are important aspect to obtain great images

But as i'm doing photography for many years, I found out biggest issue in the photography is people doesn't know what to do in front of camera.

Its photographers responsibility.

So I studied and struggled for years how to make them  have natural smile and laughing , and  let them express sudden emotions.

Important things I found out as an answer 

Knowing their personality and relationship.

Giving proper story line based on one's mood.

Directing pose based on the atmosphere of location.

Clear instruction (what to do and what to avoid)

Connection, monitoring and feedback 

Face expression (eyes, mouth,  Hair, chin, neck)

Body language( hand, feet,  neck, spine , shoulder)

Listening and Enjoy

I am a photographer who would like to capture a natural genuine  rather than super creative image. 

If someone says photographing is luck, i would say it is patience. 

S+J Wedding in ATX

Images are reflection of the photographer.

Image comes from the people I have loved, the pictures I have seen, the books I have read, and the music I have heard.

Photography is about finding something special in an ordinary place.



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Joshua K